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‘Price Filter’- An OpenCart extension used to apply filtering for products based on price range in slots with functionality to select.

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‘Price Filter’ is an OpenCart extension used to apply filtering of products based on price range in slots. Customer can select one or more price slots of desired range such as “0-200”, “400-600”, etc. Price Slots works for Category page, Special Product page, Search page and Manufacturer page.


– Support responsive themes.
– Compatible with SEO URLs.
– Support pages: Pages(Category,special products,search,manufacturer).
– Support Multi Language.
– VQMOD base, No need to change in core files.
– Auto price and Manual Price Options.

Main Feature of Price Filter extension:

– Price Slots functionality(Price can be selected in slots as “0-200″,”400-600” etc)

Installation Instructions:

1. Run path/vqmod/install to install VQMOD (if it is not installed before)
2. Copy and paste files to your opencart directory
3. Put pricefilter.xml in vqmod/xml folder.
4. Install module using Extensions=>Module=>Price Filter
5. Assign Position on following pages as (“product/category”, “product/search”,”product/special”,”product/manufacturer/info”)
Thats All!

In case of any query please contact us for Support of this Extension.

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